Welcome to BFF PREP!!!  This interactive, online learning community is dedicated to YOU!  If you have ever experienced synchronicities or deja vu, this is the place for you.  If you have ever had strange dreams or even had some come true, this is the place for you.  If you have ever spoke someone or something into existence and freaked the hell out, this is the place for you. Basically, if you have ever found yourself curious about spirituality, card reading, manifesting, upping your intuition, or just learning how to work within the flow of the Universe to create your BEST LIFE, welcome home! 

Whether you are an intuition initiate, emerging empath, mystic mommy, or a wild-child waymaker, BFF PREP will offer classes, extra credit readings, and tarot tutoring sessions for every spirtualista student.


As your BFF, my mission is to de-mystify the universally mysterious in a very down-to-earth and practical way so that ALL of my BFFs can understand how to WORK their lives vs. having their lives work THEM. 


Bring a journal/notebook, pen, and your sense of humor as classes are sure to be fun, functional, and as always, "straight-shot, no chaser". 

"Revealing the Safe Word in the Bondage Play of Life"


Calling all my kinky BFFs!!! It's time to explore that sexy shadow!!! Have you ever wondered why you repeat some of the same painful patterns time and time again? Picking the same toxic partners, sabotaging your success at work or in your own business, and/or hitting the same pitfalls with family and friends are all indications of bondage play at work.  Before you blame it on your determination (or stubborness) to break a cycle, could you believe that seeking pleasure is what actually keeps you on the hamster wheel of struggle and frustration?


Join your Tarot BFF for an interactive night of tarot exploration as we dive into the Pandora's Box of your shadow.  We usually repeat situations because we find pleasure in the activity, right?  Well, let's level the playing field by resuming control and identifying the "safe word" for when we are done being "tortured" and ready for the after care...


-All Levels Class


For this class, you will need:

- a tarot deck

- a notebook

- an open and curious mind


Handouts will be available


*Class will be held via Zoom platform*


Date: Thursday, November 19, 2020

Time: 7pm EST


Revealing the Safe Word in the Bondage Play of Life
25.00 USD

Join me for a deliciously dark dive into your shadow to excavate the "safe word" in the bondage play scene that is currently being replayed in your life. It's time to find what truly binds you, understand the pleasure in the play, and release yourself for good.


"The Mentor-rita" - 1:1 Mentorship w/ V.

Learning the ins and outs of living a "Divine Life" is rewarding, but can definitely prove to be a confusing journey.  There are so many paths and avenues that can be traveled to arrive at your BEST LIFE, but how do you know which one is right for you?  Or if you know your path, do you feel confident traveling alone or would you prefer a guide to help you on your way?  Well, look no further!  Your BFF is here to shine a spotlight on your personal yellow brick road!  


Each "Mentor-ita" will begin with a *30 min. consultation to converse about the goal you are wanting to achieve and a mini-reading for insight into the best plan of action for your specific journey.  From there, a recommendation of 1, 3, or 5 sessions will be offered, but you have the final say on what works best for you!  Each session is 1 hour.


Each "Mentor-ita" will include:

 - (1) 30 min. consultation

 - 1, 3, or 5 Zoom calls equivalent to the number of sessions agreed upon; i.e. 3 sessions = 3 calls

 - (1) session bi-weekly (for 3 & 5 sessions)

 - Fun exercises/assignments to work on and complete to strengthen your understanding and application for confidence on your road to success!


*30 min. consultation serves as your deposit for mentorship sessions; its cost will be deducted from price of overall session(s).


The "Mentor-ita" - 1:1 Mentorship w/ V.

If you are in need of a guide to help you find your way through your own internal landscape or a to shine a light on your external path to your BEST LIFE, I'm your BFF!!!

The "Mentor-ita" - 1:1 Mentorship w/ V.
The Magic of Manifestation - November 2020
22.00 USD

Let's Make Some Magic! Join V. and like-minded Manifestors as we create a safe space to plant seeds, water with intention, and manifest our deepest desires to fruition!

Bring positive vibes, a openness for miracles, and a heart of gratitude!




Alright BFFs, it's high time your girl spilled the tea on tarot!  Many of you are interested and intuitive, so why not get down to the brass tacks of "talkin' tarot"?  Come join me for an interactive hour or two as we go through the Major and Minor Arcana (or the "Big Tea" and "Little Tea" as I like to call them) and discuss how to infuse practicality with intuition in a reading.  Mastering the art of assigning key words, reading in context, and intuiting with point blank clarity is the BFF formula for "spilling tea" in every area of your life!


In this class, you will:

 - learn keywords/phrases for the "Big Tea" and the "Little Tea"

 - get the skinny on number/suit/element correspondences

 - explore how to read in context and make it plain




*Class will be held via Zoom platform*


Date: TBD

Time: TBD





With the season transitioning into fall, what better time than now to talk about Abundance!  We have spent the spring and summer painstakingly planting the seeds of growth and watering them with intention, so now we are looking to reap the MASSIVE harvest that will surely sprout from our hard work, right?!?  But what happens when we go out to collect our bounty and there is nothing but a barren field?  What happened to all of our great efforts and our desired intentions?  This 1 hr. class is focused on addressing WHY we may not be reaping what we have sown.


In this class, you will learn:

 - the difference between manifesting and "manifaking"

 - how "Dandy-Lyin" overtakes your harvest

 - what is needed to plant "light" bulbs for a lasting glow of bounty


As Exta Credit and a way to ensure a Grade-A harvest, I have created the "Bounty Booster", a 1 hr. personalized reading that looks at the specific ways YOU manifest vs. "manifake", the largest "Dandy-Lyin" in your field, and an action plan for planting your very first "GladiGLOWla" bulb!


And you know I couldn't forget my card-slinging spiritualistas!  For you, I am offering Tarot Tutoring, a 30 min. session to explain the ins and outs of the Bounty Booster for you to use in future readings with yourself and others. 

*This session can also be adapted to other forms of divination (oracle cards, gemstones, charms, etc.).


Date: TBD

Time: TBD



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