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What good is a BFF if you can't spill your guts over a drink or two?  The readings below start with quick and concise information and gradually increase in depth by extending time to cover more topics.


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V., The Tarot BFF, presents:



This reading is unlike most as it is predictive in nature, meaning, instead of giving you the scoop on the "what's happening now", this tea is all about peeking into 2020 and giving you the DEETS to help you to prepare and tackle your year with FLAIR! 


We will cover your birth card(s), your personal year card(s), the theme AND advice for each month, as well as quarterly predictions as they relate to love, health, money, career, family, and a special throw for "MIT" - Most Important Tea.


Clockwork Tea 2020 is conducted one-on-one, over the phone, through virtual platform, or in-person (if we have had an in-person reading in the past), and has a brew time of about 60-75 minutes.  It is advised to have a pen and notebook handy to take notes, because this Tea will be HOT!  I know my BFFs like to STAY ready so they don't have to GET ready, so doing monthly check-ins from your notes will keep you on top of your game and even ahead of it!


Reserve your seat at the table of the HOTTEST party of the year!


2020 is here; it's time to #getred... ;)



*Due to the extensive nature and depth of this Tea Party, it is first-come, first served with limited seating.

Clockwork Tea 2020
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Reserve your seat at the HOTTEST Tea Party of the year!!! Roll into 2020 ready to show up and show OUT!!

Full ticket price is $120.00 with half due at time of booking. Your balance will be sent via invoice and is due the day before your scheduled reading.

Clockwork Tea 2020
The Tea (1-Card, 1 Question - Email)

This reading will please your palate if you are looking for short and sweet clarity on a "flavor" (topic) of your choosing. Served HOT, and with a 24 hr. "brew time", this quick refresher will jump-start your decision-making in no time!

The Tea
The Clari-Tea-ni (3-Card, 1 Question - Video)

Need something stronger? Try "The Clari-Tea-ni"; it's "The Tea" with a KICK! Your reading will be sent to you within 48 hours as a private YouTube link to a video that only YOU can access. Watch it once or as many times as you need to get the "clari-tea" you desire!

Clari-Tea-ni Reading
Old Fashioned (Phone Reading)

With all the technology available, let's pretend we are back in high school and kick it "old school" on the telephone. I'll be sure to "click over" to make sure the Divine is on our 3-way call, lol.

Old Fashioned Phone Reading
See-Breeze (Skype/FaceTime/Hangout)

Let's have a little face-to-face time with our "clari-tea"! Virtual calls are the new hotness, so why not use it connect more personally with one another? I'd love to see my BFFs live and in living color!

See-Breeze (Virtual Reading)
Cosmic-politan (Natal Chart Reading)

This birthchart profile infused with Tarot will give you a blueprint of who you are! Find out how your planets are dressed and where they take up space!
*Readings are scheduled 1 week from confirmation of payment to give time to study your chart.*

Cosmic-politan (Natal Chart Reading)
Sun/Moon/Rising Sidecar (15 min.)

A mini-astro reading based on the "Big 3" to give you a snapshot of who you are! This reading can be added on to a 30 or 60 min. reading or can stand alone as a "shot"!

Sun/Moon/Rising Sidecar
Divination Date (Local, In-Person Reading)

BFF, Party of 2, right this way! Let's sit down and really get to the meat and potatoes of your situation. I'll read the cards and you give me your take on what is being revealed to you to make this a very FILLING experience! Your hunger for answers will be sated, leaving you full and satisfied.

Divination Date (Local, In-Person Reading)
Clarity Add-Ons

If your video reading needs a little more "oomph" to get you up and running, try one of the add-ons for crystal clear clarity!

Clarity Add-Ons
RedLight Retainer
192.00 USD

Do you need intoxicating insight on hand? RedLight Retainer is an 8 pack of Clari-Tea-nil (3-Card, 1 Question) Readings to be used within one month of purchase. Use them all at once or space them out as you please. Save 20% when purchased as a bundle! What a deal!

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