Are you "seeing red"?


Glowing hearts above the head of your crush?  Brake lights before making an important decision?  Or perhaps, flashes of anger over a situation that rubbed you the wrong way?  Well, don’t just SEE red, GET RED!!!


Welcome to RedLight Readings!  My name is Shavonne Readus (get it? Read us, lol), who lovingly goes by “V.”, and I am your intuitive BFF with a tarot deck.  I am here to help you with the “red lights” in your life, transforming urgency, anxiety, and possible anger into passion, energy, and fire to fuel the life you want and deserve to live.


What is a “BFF” tarot reader, you ask?  Well, I am an intuitive reader that offers straight-shot, no chaser advice infused with humor, tough love, and emotional enthusiasm, all wrapped up in a circle of trust and a zone of NO JUDGEMENT.  We can talk about the guy or girl that’s occupying your head space, the boss that’s giving you a raw deal, or how you’re going to grow your money from your own business.  No topic is taboo!!  


In short, I’m gonna help you get your life.  I’ve got chocolate, a box of tissues, and an iPhone for selfies when we’re done, because NOTHING beats the glow of self-realization and a plan for success, hunty! 


Now tell me, are you ready to “Get Red”?

From the Desk of V.!


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