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If you/ve made it this far, you must REALLY like me and are interested in seeing, hearing, and experiencing MORE of RedLight Readings!  Well, you're in luck!!  I LOVE to participate in interviews, am relatively camera-friendly, and my love for "spilling the TEA" through intuitive tarot readings seems to radiate from me and techno-bass VIBRATE any medium offered!


On this page, you will find a little refresher on who I am and information on how to contact me for readings, private bookings, interviews, and/or media appearances.  If you are already convinced, contact me here: and let's get this party started!!





I am V., the Intuitive Mistress behind RedLight Readings, pouring "straight-shot, no chaser" Clari-TEA to my "BFF" clients that need a little empowered enlightenment, confirmation, and/or direction with taking action in their lives.  My approach to intuitive tarot reading is likened to conversing with a best friend.  I seek to connect on a level of comfort and build a rapport of trust, infused with humor, wit, and tough love.  The "space" we inhabit, either physically or virtually, only has one rule: NO JUDGEMENT, but I will caution to say that my mission is to tell you what you NEED to hear vs. what you WANT to hear.  We all love "warm & fuzzy", but necessary action usually comes from "point blank & practical".  If you find yourself at a crossroads and need a little guidance, don't get stuck, frustrated, or mad - GET RED.





  • Over 20 years of card study and personal readings (tarot, oracle, gypsy, and Lenormand)
  • Professional Reader and Teacher at The Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, MI, for over 9 years
  • Attended 5 professional Tarot conferences, The Readers Studio, hosted by The Tarot School, 2015 - 2019
    • 2017 - Facilitated a Tarot Incubator - "All Day Divining"
    • 2018 - Taught the study group: "The TEA w/V.: Pour It, Sip It, Spill It - All In One Spread" and facilitated the Breakfast Roundtable "Millennials & Monarchs: Bridging the Gap between 'New Bees' and Older Hive Traditions"
    • 2021- Main Stage Presenter
  • Presented at the following virtual conferences:
    • 2020 World Divination Association Virtual Conference - "Using Tarot to Anticipate, Accept, and Activate Change"
    • 2020 Tarotpalooza - "Intuitive Intimacy: Using a Touch of Tarot to Create Better Bonds for Long-Lasting Love & Satisfying Sex"
    • 2020 World Divination Association Lenormand Summit - "Using Lenormand to Spill the Tea: Practice & Play using Celebrity Rag Mags"
  • Featured on the following blogs:​
  • Authored an article for The Tarot School's Newsletter, Tarot Tips - "ALL DAY DIVINING (A.D.D.): How to Learn, Play, and Utilize the Tarot to Achieve "Divine" Work/Life Balance"


  • Published in:
    • Honeysuckle Magazine's The Black Issue - "A Melanated Destiny by V.", 2019
    • Tarot for Troubled Times by Shaheen Miro & Theresa Reed, 2019 -  "The Four C's - How To Live a Diamond Life in a Coal World"


  • Interviews/Podcasts:
    • ​"All Day Divination with V. of RedLight Readings" - Tarot Bytes, Episode 111 by Theresa Reed, January 13, 2019
    • "Fear Doesn't Go with My Purpose" - Fear Doesn't Go With My Outfit, Episode 1 by Crystal Marie of Crystal Marie Events
    • "Inclusivity in the Tarot Community" - Tarot Bytes, Episode 126 by Theresa Reed, April 28, 2019
    • "Coming Out of the Tarot Closet, w/ V., The Tarot BFF" Coming Out of the Tarot Closet by Seth Vermilyea, February 2020
    • "Tarot and Astrology with V. of RedLight Readings" - Tarot Bytes, Episode 172 by Theresa Reed, May 24, 2020





Internet Interactions


Social Media is my jelly AND my jam!!  I absolutely LOVE connecting with others around the world and I can be found hopping and skipping all over the  net!  Catch me spillin' TEA, slingin' cards, and blowin' minds at these various stops along the "world wide web":




"Bravos" from BFFs


"V. is the truth!!!  She shares with you in a way that's straight forward but allows you the space and opportunity to get clear those burning desires that have been knocking at you forever.  It's refreshing to engage with such a gifted individual like V.  Twor readings thus far and she hasn't been off yet." 

J-Me, MI


"V. is amazingly taleted and gifted!  There are really no other words to describe her.  If you have not received a reading from her yet then you certainly need to.  You will not be disappointed!  She is my go-to when making difficulty decisions!!"

Michele, MI


"When V. reads, she has the amazing ability to tell it as though she sees things as the client and sees it personally.  So accurate, it can bring tears to your eyes.  Absolutely gifted reader and always shows genuine compassion in her readings."

Carol Lacey, UK


"I have had V. read me several times on her Periscope podcasts and throughout Facebook groups, etc. She is very articulate and well-spoken in her readings and has a huge sense of compassion to the sitter. She is extremely gifted and has NEVER steered me wrong and been bang on accuracte everytime for me!!  I walk away feeling very pleased after she has read me!!  I'm glad to know her ;)"

Mel Bright, London, Ontario


"Simply amazing and very accurate.  I have had a few of her Periscope readings and I had the honor to be her first mediumship reading on Periscope.  She was spot on everything.  She is honest, straight to the point, but still compassionate.  Thank you again for all the amazing readings!"

Angelique Luna, FL



Say Cheese!


Like what you see?  Take a picture; it'll last longer!!!  Please feel free to use the following photos, courtesy of Daniel Syphax-Harris of DSH Photography, for promotional  use.



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